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 GeoSafari® Solar Rover
SKU: EI-5451
$29.99 $24.99
This kid-controlled solar rover is ready to "drive" an interest in the amazing science of solar energy!
1 Minute Sand Timers-Small, Set of 4
SKU: TCR20646
Race to see how much can be accomplished before time runs out!
Addition and Subtraction Bingo
SKU: CD-140038
Two great games in one! These fun, Bingo games support NCTM standards and each side of the double-sided answer mat features a different skill.
All Season Snowman
SKU: BAT5885
Build a snowman anytime of the year.
Baby Monkey Astronaut
SKU: FA133
$9.95 $8.95
Whether you're mastering your number skills or strengthening your memory, Baby Monkey Astronaut is T-minus 10 to FUN for the whole family.
Barnyard Answer Buzzers
SKU: LER3775
Why raise your hand when you can moo?
Betti Worry Eater Large
SKU: HW1050
Let Us Carry Your Worries So You Don’t Have To.
Big Bag of Science
SKU: BAT4120
$49.99 $39.99
The best of Be Amazing! science activities! More than 70 activities in one giant bag!
Bill Worry Eater Large
SKU: HW1060
Let Us Carry Your Worries So You Don’t Have To.
Cool Slime
SKU: BAT5840
Just mix the two liquids together and you’ve got perfect slime every time!
Cylinder Science
SKU: BAT5895
Dive into the bubbling, fizzing, foaming world of science with this kit!
Early Science Explorer's Set Multiple of Colors
SKU: LER2777
$7.95 $6.95
Encourage young scientists to take their investigations further with these perfectly sized tools!
Energy Stick
SKU: BAT7250
The Energy Stick is the newest tool in experimenting with open and closed circuits.
Enno Worry Eater Large
SKU: HW1040
Let Us Carry Your Worries So You Don’t Have To.
Enno Worry Eater Small
SKU: HW1045
Let Us Carry Your Worries So You Don’t Have To.
Fat Brain Squigz Starter Set
SKU: FA107-1
Squigz are fun little suckers!
Fishing for Numbers Game
SKU: TCR7821
Fun math game that will develop math skills and strategies while playing games at three different levels.
Flamm Worry Eater Large
SKU: HW1080
Let us hold onto your worries so you don't have to! Cute Plush Toy That Eats Your Child's Worries. 8 Fun Characters!
SKU: HW770
$19.99 $15.99
Rubber chicken meets disc golf in this ridiculously fun game.
Flint Worry Eater Large
SKU: HW1070
Let Us Carry Your Worries So You Don’t Have To.
Foam Attribute Blocks
SKU: TCR20613
Foam pieces in 5 shapes, 2 colors, 2 sizes, and 2 thicknesses set the stage for all kinds of sorting and grouping activities.
Foam Base Ten Set
SKU: TCR20617
Foam base ten blocks are a mathematical manipulative used by teachers to instruct students on basic mathematical concepts including addition, subtraction, number sense, place value and counting.
Foam Blank Dice
SKU: TCR20606
20 yellow blank dice.
Foam Color Cubes
SKU: TCR20615
Practice sorting, patterning, visual discrimination, fine motor skills, and basic math concepts with 30 blank cubes in 6 different colors. 1-inch cubes.
Foam Counters Red/White
SKU: TCR20600
100 double-sided counters are red on one side and white on the other.
Foam Dominoes: Black
SKU: TCR20601
28 double-six foam dominoes.
Foam Fraction Circles
SKU: TCR20611
Nine circles, each measuring 3-1/2". One circle is whole. The other eight are divided into common fractions: 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10, 1/12.
Foam Numbered Dice (Numerals 1-12)
SKU: TCR20609
Ten yellow dice have numerals 1-6. Ten blue dice have numerals 7-12.
Foam Numbered Dice (Numerals 1-6)
SKU: TCR20604
20 yellow dice with numerals 1-6. 3/4" cubes.
Foam Numbers & Operations Dice
SKU: TCR20607
Fourteen yellow dice have numerals 1-6. Six red dice have one side each for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equals, and greater than.
Foam Operations Dice
SKU: TCR20605
Ten green dice have symbols for addition and subtraction. Five black dice have symbols for multiplication and division. Five red dice have symbols for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, equals, and greater than.
Foam Pattern Blocks
SKU: TCR20612
Foam pieces in 5 shapes, 2 colors, 2 sizes, and 2 thicknesses set the stage for all kinds of sorting and grouping activities.
Foam Question Cubes
SKU: TCR20614
Four 2-inch cubes get discussions and/or stories started. Each cube has Who? What? When? Where? Why? and one blank side.
Foam Red Dominoes
SKU: TCR20602
28 double-six red foam dominoes.
Foam Tangrams
SKU: TCR20610
Eight tangram squares, each measuring 4". Each set is a different color. 56 total pieces.
Foam Traditional Dice
SKU: TCR20603
20 yellow traditional dice.
Full Color Reading Games Grades K-1
SKU: TCR3121
Featuring a collection of brightly illustrated board games that offer young students the necessary practice to build important reading skills.
Full-Color Literacy Centers for Reading Skills Preschool - 1st Grades
SKU: TCR3702
Full-color, hands-on manipulatives give students meaningful, independent practice with sight words and phonics and decoding
Funky Frogs Temporary Tattoos
SKU: CD-101048
Reward your students and celebrate their accomplishments with Funky Frogs temporary tattoos.
FUNky Frogs Value Pack Label Stickers
SKU: CD-168132
The delightful FUNky Frogs Sticker Value Pack will add charm and fun to any classroom!
Get Slimed Amazing Science
SKU: BAT4515
One of the gooiest kits we’ve imagined.
Giant Floor Puzzle Fire Engine
SKU: CD-0867346949
This giant floor puzzle inspires hours of educational play! Children will love putting this four-foot-long red fire engine together!
Goodie Games ABC Cookies
SKU: LER1183
Learning fun that suits children to a T! These pretend ABC cookies inspire creative play. Fun, easy and super–engaging game reinforces alphabet, letter recognition, beginning sounds, C–V–C word building and early vocabulary.
Green Stor-It Folders
SKU: TCR4326
Never lose game pieces again! Perfect folders for games.
Happy Birthday Temporary Tattoos
SKU: CD-101049
Reward your students and celebrate their birthday with Happy Birthday temporary tattoos.
Hot Dots® High-Frequency Words Card Set
SKU: EI-2340
300+ High-frequency and sight words!
Hot Dots® Jr. "Ace" - the Talking, Teaching Dog
SKU: EI-2350
All the fun of Hot Dots®, now available for younger children!
I Can Tie My Shoes Lacing Cards
SKU: CD-846000
Improve fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination while learning to tie shoes!
I Have... Who Has...? Academic Vocabulary Games, Grades 1–2 <strong><span style="background-color: rgb(255, 255, 0);"><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">NEW</span></span></strong>
SKU: TCR7840
The entire class can have fun while practicing skills in vocabulary.
I Lost A Tooth Temporary Tattoos
SKU: CD-101040
Reward your students and celebrate their lost tooth with I Lost A Tooth temporary tattoos.