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Nancy B's Science Club™ Stir-It-Up Chemistry Lab & Kitchen Experiments Journal
SKU: ei-5356
Perform cool chemistry experiments in your kitchen!
Nancy B’s Science Club™ AquaScope™ and Underwater Wonders Activity Journal
SKU: ei-5352
Head to the shore and explore! With the Nancy B AquaScope, you don’t even have to get wet to explore the wonders of life underwater.
Nancy B’s Science Club™ Binoculars and Wildlife Activity Journal
SKU: ei-5353
Grab your binoculars and get outside! From bird find-its and ecosystem challenges to creative writing and drawing exercises, the Nancy B Binoculars and Wildlife Activity Journal set are the perfect tools for true nature lovers.
Nancy B’s Science Club™ Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal
SKU: ei-5354
Get sleuthing! The Nancy B Crime Solver Scope is the perfect tool for investigating everyday mysteries from counterfeit-money detection to identifying the crumbs under your couch cushions!
Nancy B’s Science Club™ Microscope and Activity Journal
SKU: ei-5350
Zoom in on the fun with the Nancy B Microscope! This 2-in-1 light and dissecting microscope gives up-close views—30x, 100x, and 400x magnifications—of anything you can imagine!
Nancy B’s Science Club™ MoonScope™ and Sky Gazer's Activity Journal
SKU: ei-5351
Grab your MoonScope and take a tour of the nighttime sky complete with visits to the stars, Saturn, Jupiter, and even the mountain ranges and craters on the moon!
Nancy B's Science Club™ Discovery Lab Pens & Field Journal
SKU: ei-5357
Two multi-tool pens are perfect for exploring on land and in water!
Nancy B's Science Club™ Nature Keeper & Tree Diary
SKU: ei-5358
Adopt a tree and track it for a year! Help your budding botanist observe and detail seasonal changes in nature by pressing tree leaves and flower petals at various times of the year, and noting observations in the accompanying diary.