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The Red Pony Literature Guide/Kit
SKU: CC2702
Chapter by Chapter guide with information and tools for the teacher presented with clear instructions that align perfectly to the Common Core Standards. Grade 7-8
Things Good Readers Do Chart
SKU: CD-6344
Chartlets are an excellent reference resource for students!
Time to Rhyme Board Game
SKU: CD-140064
Time to Rhyme puts a fun twist on classic lotto and memory matching games!
Too Many Cats, Grade K, Level A
SKU: TB-50-6
Suzu has asked for a white cat for her birthday. Now, on the night before her birthday, she begins to find cats all over the house - most of them in very unusual colors! by Sindy McKay, illustrated by Meredith Johnson Level K
Tricky Homophones Chart
SKU: TCR7737
Help your students understand homophones!
Turkeys Mini Accents
SKU: TCR5278
Have fun decorating with these colorful little pieces that measure about 2 5/8". Make center activities and games for learning fun!
Types of Context Clues Chart
SKU: TCR7795
Chartlets are an excellent reference resource for students!
Up and Away Bookmarks
SKU: CD-103154
Help students keep their mark in reading with motivational bookmarks.
Verbs: Photographic Chart
SKU: CD-114049
Charts are an excellent reference resource for students!
Welcome Chart
SKU: CD-114077
Charts are an excellent reference resource for students!
Welcome Mini Bulletin Board Set
SKU: CD-110046
Perfect back to school Welcome-themed mini bulletin board set for a word wall or classroom.
Whales (We Read Phonics)
SKU: TB-320-3
""""""""""""""""""""""""""""Get a glimpse into the lives of some of the biggest animals on earth! Features beautiful photography and illustrations of many different kinds of whales. Level 3 Kindergarten to First Grade "
When I Grow Up, Level E
SKU: TB-58-2
The amazing diversity of choices for work and occupation is explored in this book for beginning readers.
Which Pet Is Best?  (We Read Phonics)
SKU: TB-322-7
"""""""""""""""Join a young girl on an amusing trip through a pet shop. Choosing a pet can be really hard. Some are cute, most are fun and all of them are so interesting! Level 2 Kindergarten 90-110 word
Who Took The Cookbook? (We Read Phonics)
SKU: TB-348-7
We Read Phonics makes it easy for parents to help their children improve phonics skills and read a decodable story
Word Families Big Book Grades K-2
SKU: CC1112
110 pages to help your students or children increase vocabulary, sight word recognition and comprehension as you help your students identify the correct pronunciation of short and long vowel phonograms (word families) using real life pictures as an aid.
Word Families Bulletin Board Display Set
SKU: TCR5224
Darling dogs help kids dig up words that belong to word families.
Word Families Chart
SKU: TCR7715
Colorful chart will teach your students about word families for each vowel.
Word Racer Game
SKU: TCR7811
Build word recognition skills and social skills with a fun reading game.
Word Shark: Short Vowels Game
SKU: TCR7805
Children learn about short vowels and beginning consonant sounds while playing a fun interactive game.
Word Waffle Games Grade 5
SKU: EP2096
Satisfy your appetite for vocabulary with this delicious game!
Word Waffle Games Grade 6
SKU: EP2097
Satisfy your appetite for vocabulary with this delicious game!
Write & Wipe Pocket Set of 5
SKU: LER0477
Go green! Slip in your own activity masters to create write & wipe activities.
Writing Center Task Cards
SKU: EP3361
Convenient cards let you create instant language arts learning centers!
Year Round Incentive Chart
SKU: CD-114085
Students will look forward to tracking progress and reaching goals with this Incentive chartlet!