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"Aim High 4"" EZ Letters Lowercase"
SKU: CD-130081
The Aim High Lowercase EZ Letters pack includes 90 pre-punched letters. Each 4-inch lowercase letter features vibrant colors—the perfect style for your modern classroom.
"Aim High 4"" EZ Letters Uppercase"
SKU: CD-130080
Create attention-grabbing displays with Aim High 4-inch EZ Letters. Each of the 76 characters features a modern black-and-white pattern with radiant yellow highlights—perfect for a sophisticated classroom. This pre-punched set includes 52 uppercase lett
Aim High Colorful cut-outs Arrows
SKU: CD-120529
Let your sophisticated style soar with the Aim High Arrows Colorful Cut-Outs. You can use these 42 classroom mini cut-outs for name tags, game pieces, and more.
Aim High Colorful cut-outs Hexagons
SKU: CD-120531
Decorate displays and play games with the Aim High Hexagons Colorful Cut-Outs®. This pack includes 36 cut-outs—3 each of 12 unique designs.
Aim High Follow Your Path Straight Border
SKU: CD-108292
Our Follow Your Path straight borders will add an energetic touch to any part of your classroom.
Aim High Hexagons Scalloped Border
SKU: CD-108298
Decorated in classic black-and-white hexagons and splashed with a bold yellow stripe, the Aim High Hexagons scalloped border pack.
Aim High Library Pockets
SKU: CD-121019
"Assorted library pockets offer an easy solution to classroom organization. Each of the 36 Aim High library pockets measures 3.25"" x 5.25"" and features one of six multicolor patterns plus a writing space for personalization."
Aim High Mini Cut-out Banners
SKU: CD-120533
Durable and versatile, the Aim High Banners assorted mini Colorful Cut-Outs are perfect to use in various ways in the classroom. Use these 56 cut-outs to create labels, play games, and more.
Aim High Mini Cut-outs Badges
SKU: CD-120534
The Aim High Badges mini Colorful Cut-Outs add substance and style to your sophisticated classroom. This pack includes 35 patterned badges in assorted colors and shapes—perfect for decorating or playing games!
Gift of Music Chart
SKU: TCR7636
Perfect poster for any music classroom!
I Lost A Tooth Temporary Tattoos
SKU: CD-101040
Reward your students and celebrate their lost tooth with I Lost A Tooth temporary tattoos.
Stamp Pad Cherry Scented
SKU: CE-01
Make your stamp pads even more fun with a cherry scent!
Stamp Pad Washable Black
SKU: CE-506
Fun centers with Black stamp pads!
Streto Pencil Grips
Streto pencil grips are invaluable tools in helping children develop the right way to hold pencils.
Teal Appeal Motivators Motivational Stickers
SKU: CD-168135
Students will love getting encouraged with these fun, bold, contemporary-styled Teal Appeal Motivator stickers.
Up and Away Colorful Cut-outs Tickets
SKU: CD-120524
The Up and Away Tickets Colorful Cut-Outs® pack includes 36 multipurpose cut-outs in an assortment of eye-catching patterns and colors. Printed on cardstock, durable cut-outs are ideal to use anywhere in your classroom for show-stopping style.
Up and Away Library Pockets
SKU: CD-121018
"Each of the 36 Up and Away library pockets measures 3.25"" x 5.25"" and features one of six bright patterns plus a writing space for personalization. Assorted library pockets offer a stylish solution to classroom organization."
Up and Away Mini Cut-outs Clouds
SKU: CD-120528
The Up and Away Clouds mini Colorful Cut-Outs® pack includes 36 clouds to add color and engage in classroom activities.
Up and Away Star Fair Scalloped Border
SKU: CD-108297
The Up and Away Star Fair scalloped border features a multicolor stripes-and-shapes pattern with an orange stripe along one side.