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All Season Snowman
SKU: BAT5885
Build a snowman anytime of the year.
Big Bag of Science
SKU: BAT4120
$49.99 $39.99
The best of Be Amazing! science activities! More than 70 activities in one giant bag!
Cylinder Science
SKU: BAT5895
Dive into the bubbling, fizzing, foaming world of science with this kit!
Energy Stick
SKU: BAT7250
The Energy Stick is the newest tool in experimenting with open and closed circuits.
Get Slimed Amazing Science
SKU: BAT4515
One of the gooiest kits we’ve imagined.
Insta-Snow Tube
Make amazing "snow" any time of the year!
Rainbow Worms
SKU: BAT5890
Create slimy, gooey Rainbow worms—instantly!
SICK Science! Fast Physics
SKU: BAT6025
9 Insanely Cool Science Experiences
Soda Powered Science Be Amazing Science
SKU: BAT4525
The viral Diet Coke and Mentos® experiment that Steve Spangler invented has matured over the years into this amazing kit.sanely Cool Science Experiences